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XFS Creation 9/21/2013

Alfredo Perez vs Vinny Rodriguez
Rd 1:  Perez gets a big slam and looks to work gnp on the undefeated Rodriguez. Perez gets full mount but gets reversed. From his back he works a triangle. It's tight but Rodriguez is fine and lands punches while in the triangle.
Rd 2: Perez tries for a takedown but Rodriguez counters with a guillotine. He transitions to a kimura and finishes with a modified kimura/shoulder lock.

Steve Orosco vs Jordan Delano
Rd 1: There is a brief feeling out process and Orosco gets the takedown. Orosco lands some body shots and they get back up. Orosco lands a brutal leg kick and pops Delano's knee out. The fight ends by tko.

Ed Darby vs Raphael Davis
Rd 1: Darby  and Davis come out swinging. Darby seems to be landing the cleaner shots. Davis picks him up and slams Darby. Davis punishes Darby on the ground for the rest of the round with punches and big knees to the body.
Rd 2: They come out swinging but Davis looks like he is done with the ground game. He nails Darby with a big straight right that drops him. Darby covers up and after a few follow up punches, Davis eases up when he sees Darby is done. Darby's left eye is totally shut. 2nd rd tko for the Bellator vet, Davis. 

Kiko Lopez vs Jimmy Marquez

Rd 1: Kiko works the legs of Marquez with nasty kicks. Marquez fires back. Both guys throwing to kill each other. Kiko gets a takedown and gnp's Marquez. Cecil People stops it with seconds left in the round.

Jason Manly vs Chris Stanfield
Rd 1: Manly comes out and gets a quick takedown. He gets Stansfield's back but can't get  the choke.  He transitions to a modified armbar and gets the tap.

Ben Khoshaba vs Dominique Chisem
Rd 1: The welterweight title is on the line here.  Chisem gets slammed twice and Khoshaba gets his GNP going. He eventually gets mount and looks close to finishing. Chisem gets free and they are standing again. Chisem drops Khoshaba. He follows him to the ground but gets mounted again. The round end with Khoshaba punching from top. 10-9 Khoshaba.

Rd 2: more of the same.  Khoshaba in mount landing elbows. He's totally outclassing Chisem on the ground. Almost a 10-8 round. But, 10-9 Khoshaba.

Rd 3: Chisem winning on the feet but decides to go for a takedown and gets stuffed. Khoshaba in mount again and opens up a huge cut on Chisem. He pummels Chisem in his own corner and finishes Chisem by rnc. Winner is Ben Khoshaba. Fantastic fights.

James Davenport vs David Salas
Rd 1: David Salas gets a quick takedown and rnc's Davenport in :39 seconds.

Sam Toomer vs Askari Robinson
Rd 1: Super Sam wasted no time throwing leather.  He came out and threw everything at Robinson and connected with everything too. Towels came flying in from Robinson's corner, as they had seen enough. Impressive victory from Super Sam It's not a Toomer.

Joe Bahjas vs Leonte King

Rd 1: Bahjas hits a quick takedown and goes for a guillotine. He gets the tap at :51 in the 1st rd.

Raja Shippen vs Keanu Flemming
Rd 1: Raja leg kicks and then goes high with a straight kick, rocking Flemming. They go to the ground and Raja lands loud thudding body shots. Raja backs off and Cecil Peoples decides Flemming can no longer continue. Tko in rd 1 for Raja.

Ryan Bixler vs Donnis Reed
Rd 1: The guys come out and Bixler lands a solid jab that knocks Reed back. Bixler gets a nice throw on Reed . Bixler is in the guard throwing punches and elbows. Reed tries for an armbar but can't hit it. 10-9 Bixler.

Rd 2:  Reed comes out landing some nice combos, but Bixler gets another takedown. Bixler maintains ground control. Reed is able to get up but gets slammed again. 10-9 Bixler.

Rd 3: Reed blasts away at Bixler and knocks him back to the cage. Bixler fires back.  Reed is better standing but Bixler has the advantage in control on the mat. He gets his 3 rd takedown and punishes Reed on the ground. 10-9 Bixler. The judges see it the same. 30-27 on all cards for Bixler.

Daniel Cumpian vs Fabian Diaz
Rd 1: After a brief exchange Diaz gets a takedown. There is a submission open but Diaz opts against it. He decides to pound away and Cecil Peoples stops it in :39 seconds

Arian Sharifi vs Thomas Garrison
Rd 1: Arian uses his Reign Training Muay Thai and then gets the double leg. He pounds away with strikes and Garrison taps at :50.

Garrick Evans vs Prince Edwards

Rd 1: BIG takedown by Evans. Evans was having a hard time with Prince's strength, but he maintained control on the ground. Garrick finishes the round landing punches from the back.

Rd 2: These guys are both beasts in stature. Prince gets a takedown but he is not as well versed on the ground and gets rnc'd by Evans.

Oscar Kush vs Tommy Burks
Rd 1: This fight is just a brawl! Frye vs Takayama style. It ends when Oscar gets Burks' back and lands unanswered punches and Cecil has to call the fight.

Coby Hollier vs D'ondre Gibbs
Rd 1: Hollier quickly gets full mount and ends the fight via strikes from mount.

Kyle Bolt vs Coby O'Neal
Rd 1: Kyle Bolt sends O'Neal crashing to the mat with the KO in :08 secs.

Brady Harrison vs Dashon Johnson
This fight is for the 145 title.
Rd 1: Unexpectedly, the boxer Dashon Johnson throws Brady Harrison who quickly scrambles. Johnson lands a 1-2 combo and follows it up with a takedown. Harrison is active the entire time with elbows from the bottom and submission attempts. This fight is back and forth. Give and take. I'd give the edge to Johnson though. 10-9 Flyboy

Rd 2: Brady can't stop the takedowns. He gets the reverse and rides Johnson's back for the rest of the round punching and working rnc's. 10-9 Harrison

Rd 3: Whoever wins this round wins the fight. Good exchange on the feet until Johnson hits a monster slam. Harrison gets back up and controls the clinch. The back and forth continues. It's anyone's fight still. Dashon seals the deal with a huge slam in the last :30 seconds. 10-9 Johnson. Judges saw it the same. The winner and new champion, Dashon Johnson.

Ty Freeman vs Phelan Flemming
Rd 1: Brutal gnp by freeman rendering Fleming unconscious.

Matt Frembling vs Kadillac Marshbanks
Rd 1: Frembling gets a great throw takedown and lands in side control. From there he drops punches and elbows. They get back to their feet. Frembling pins Kadillac against the cage and unloads with knees. Kadillac waits for another knee and times it perfectly for a takedown.

Rd 2: Kadillac goes for a throw but winds up under Frembling eating punches. Both guys look tired and work from the clinch. Can't pick a winner in this round.

Rd 3: Kadillac gets the early takedown. Frembling looks exhausted, while Kadillac is still throwing with bad intentions. Frembling gets his back and works the rnc but Kadillac seems ok. He works a kimura on Frembling but can't seal it. Close fight. 29-28 and still Heavyweight champion, Matt Frembling

Ray Sloan vs Brian Stevens
Rd 1: The usually BJJ savvy Sloan decides to just stand and bang with his opponent and earns a 1st round tko.

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