Sunday, July 21, 2013

** Disclaimer ** There is a good chance some of the combatants names are spelled incorrectly. Please let us know and we will correct it asap.

XAFS Aftermath July 20, 2013

Vinny Kilgore > Derrick Frache (SD)
Danny Avilla > Andres Garcia (RNC)
Ben Roberts < Sebastian Corrivabus (UD)
Jose Appricio > Marvin Garcia (UD)
Chris Padilla > Tony Martinez (TKO Rd 1)
Mike Segura < Anthony Deangles (UD)
Justin White < Chico Martinez (Inverted armbar Rd 3)
Shanon McKenzie < Chris Kirk (TKO Rd 2)*C*
Bruno Machado > Nick Ibis (UD)*C*

XFS Aftermath July 20, 2013

Chris Stanfield vs Chris Beeby
Rd 1: Beeby lands a knee that drops Stanfield and finishes Stanfield off with elbows. Beeby gets the tko in Rd 1

Adam Gottleib vs Andrew Lazo
Rd 1: And they are off!  Back and forth war going on and Lazo drops Gottleib. He was unconscious, woke up, and got a takedown.  They scramble a bit and Gottleib got full mount and dropped 50 unanswered bombs, but Lazo covered well.
Rd 2: Trading punches and Lazo staggers Gottleib again! Gottleib goes after the takedown and gets it. He throws punches from the top and eats an occasional upkick from Lazo. His GnP was too much for Lazo and Gottleib gets a 2nd round tko.

Donnis Reed vs Deandre Gibbs
Rd 1: Both guys come out swinging in the center of the cage. Gibbs winds up on his back with Reed landing elbows and punches. Cecil Peoples stands them up and gives Reed a warning for strikes to the back of the head. They engage again and Gibbs winds up on his back once more. This time, clean shots land and Cecil Peoples calls a halt to the fight at 1:17 of rd 1.

Ty Freeman vs Thomas Garrison
Rd 1: Freeman lands a very stiff jab that puts Garrison on his heels. Freeman then gets the takedown and full mount. Freeman gets a 1st rd tko in :25 seconds.

Ramon Hernandez vs Steve Kozola
Rd 1: Kozola gets taken down right away but fights it off. They battle for position and Kozola tries a standing guillotine. Hernandez fights it off and gets the takedown. The round ends with a grappling positional battle.
Rd:2 Steve tries to land strikes, but Hernandez wants this fight on the mat. He gets a quick takedown and got side control. Kozola sweeps Hernandez, they stand, and Kozala drops to his butt while squeezing a guillotine. He forces the tap from Hernandez.

Steve Orosco vs Coby O'Neil
Rd 1: Orosco tried out muscling O'Neil, but O'Neil wasn't going to go down easily. O'Neil's stubbornness wasn't enough and Orosco gets the RNC.

Zac Savage vs Justin Carr
Rd 1: Justin Carr came out swinging! Savage quickly got him down, got mount, slapped on a triangle, and then rolled him over and really tightened the triangle. The tap came at :59 seconds of rd 1. Fantastic technique from Mr Savage.

Dashon Johnson vs Kenny Kilgore
Rd 1: Dashon starts the fight very patiently. He lands 1 nasty jab and Kilgore doesn't like it. Kilgore initiates the clinch. They separate and Johnson lands another big jab and a takedown. There is a brief pause in the action for Cecil Peoples to warn Dashon about strikes to the back of the head. It starts up again and Dashon takes Kenny's back. The bout is ended after Johnson lands brutal body shots to Kilgore's ribs.

Paul Karsky vs Gino Guidi
Rd 1: Tall Paul lands a Superman punch and then gets a takedown. He gets Gino's back and flattens him out.  Tall Paul rains down punches and Cecil Peoples stops the fight.

Ryan Bixler vs Kenny Wykoft
R1: Wykoft begins the round being the aggressor and hitting leg kicks. After about 2 minutes, Bixler begins finding his range. He lands hard punches and drops Wykoft with a knee. Cecil stops the fight with 3 seconds left in the 1st round.

Bull Nelson vs Phelan Fleming
Rd 1: Bull Nelson won by tapout in rd 1 after a brawl between the 2 fighters.

Brandon Maynard vs Steve Yavo
Rd 1: Yavo brought some karate with him in the cage. Maynard shot in while Yavo sprawled hard and Maynard looked like he dislocated his ankle. Great EMT work though. She popped it back in, Maynard sort of proposed to his girlfriend, she kissed him, and we were on to our next fight.

Raja Shippen vs Teywan Hill
Rd 1: Hill throws a straight kick and Shippen retaliates with a hard knee to the body of Hill. Raja gets a body lock and drags Hill to the ground. The Muay Thai coach from Reign Training Center secures a rear naked choke on Hill.

Derek Anderson vs Craig Flynn
Rd 1: Derek Anderson goes out and unleashes a barrage of kicks and punches that tko's Flynn in 14 seconds.

Will Richey vs Bobby Brown
Rd 1: Richey tosses Brown with a huge hip toss. Richey controls the ground and starts teeing off on Brown, who taps to strikes.

Ray Sloan vs Ed Darby
Rd 1: Sloan slips a punch and gets the biggest slam of the night. Darby tries to power out and almost sweeps Sloan. However Sloan has a slick BJJ game and hits a beautiful armbar. Darby taps out.

Chris Bruno vs Keanu Fleming
Rd 1: Chris Bruno gets an immediate takedown and quickly gets a rear naked choke, forcing the tap from Fleming.

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