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XFS Devastation 5/18/13
Pro card

1. Chuck Seang vs Kenny Kilgore
Rd 1:  After a short start on the feet, Seang gets the takedown and mounts Kilgore. Seang throws punches from the top, forcing Kilgore to give up his back. Seang doesn't look for the choke and decides to punish Kilgore instead. Kilgore hangs in there, but referee Cecil Peoples sees too many punches land and stops the fight.

2. Kyle Bolt vs Ed Darby
Rd 1:  Kyle Bolt runs out of the corner and tries a flying knee but misses. Then he tries a head kick, but misses. Everything he's throwing is with bad intentions. He does a leaping takedown and spears Darby. Once it hits the ground, Bolt rains down punches causing Cecil Peoples to call the fight.

3. Chris Sandt vs Shawn Davis
Rd 1: Shawn Davis throws a bomb at Chris Sandt who slips it and gets a powerful takedown. As soon as it hits the ground, Sandt rolls for the heel hook and gets it! The fight ends in :22 and Davis looks devastated.

4. Raja Shippen vs Micheal Watson
Rd 1: Raja is the Muay Thai coach at Reign Training Center. The bell rings and he throws a head kick that crushes Micheal Watson. It's over in less than 10 seconds. Watson is ok after the ko.

5. Ryle Stous vs OzzyVan Dyke
Rd 1: Van Dyke is making his pro debut here. He starts by throwing combos at Stous, who is countering with leg kicks. Stous shoots in and gets the takedown. He pulls off a kimura and forces Van Dyke to tap, as his corner simultaneously throws in the towel.

6. Paul Blancafor vs Julian Hernandez
Rd 1: Blancafor throws combos up top and leg kicks down low. When Hernadez covers up, Blancafor shoots in and gets the double leg takedown. It hits the mat and Blancafor unloads on Hernandez, prompting Cecil Peoples to call the fight.

7. Mikey Gomez vs David Johnson
Rd 1: Gomez gets the takedown and tries to work out of the Johnson guillotine.  As soon as he gets out he drags Johnson to his corner and gets an arm triangle.  Johnson refuses to tap and goes to sleep. Mikey Gomez wins via arm triangle.

8. Ben Khosaba vs Alain Gonzalez
Rd 1: Ben immediately looks for the takedown, but Alain defends well. His persistence pays off and he gets the takedown. Gonzalez tries for a kneebar, but to no avail. He gets up, but Khosaba takes him down again. As Gonzalez looks for another kneebar, Khosaba lands punches from the top as the round ends. 10-9 Khosaba.

Rd 2: Khosaba starts with a monster takedown but lands in an inverted triangle. He gets out and drops elbows and punches from side control. He throws a 12-6 elbow and gets warned by Cecil. The action resumes and Ben gets another takedown. He throws punches while Gonzalez attacks off of his back with armbar attempts. 10-9 Khosaba

Rd 3: They trade punches and leg kicks until Khosaba goes for another takedown and gets it. There is a lot of battling for wrist control and Cecil stands them up. Gonzalez unloads on Khosaba with everything he has and rocks Him. Ben gets another takedown and the fight ends with Gonzalez throwing punches on the ground. 10-9 Gonzalez
29-28 Khosaba. Judges agree. Great fight between both guys.

9. Andy Murad vs Justin Carr
Rd 1: Murad enters the cage with an amazing mustache and a huge fan base! Carr throws a haymaker that misses and Murad gets a takedown. He gets the reverse triangle locked up and goes 6-0 in his MMA career as Carr taps.

10. Josh Ellison vs Dominique Chisem
Rd 1: Chisem is pacing before the bell rings and looks ready to go. The fight starts and he leg kicks and punches Ellison at will. A leg kick spins Ellison around and Chisem lands a walk off home run ko punch on Ellison.

11. Ruben Salazar vs Elijiah Spriggs
Rd 1:  Ruben immediately gets the slam on Spriggs and gets full mount. He landed vicious ground and pound on Spriggs, who taps as Cecil Peoples stops the fight.

12. Shane Kruchten vs Joey Apodaca
Rd 1. Krutchen sprints through an Apodaca leg kick before getting the takedown and taking full mount. He gets the arm triangle on Apodaca who may have separated his shoulder after Kruchten choked him unconscious.

13. Kiko Lopez vs Alfredo Perez
Rd 1. Perez gets taken down by Lopez, out grappled, and punched on the ground. Lopez landed a 12-6 elbow and Cecil takes a point away. Lopez is not happy about it and immediately gets a violent slam on Perez and then hammers him with punches. 9-9 round

Rd 2. After getting another takedown, Lopez gets a guillotine against the cage and Perez is forced to tap early in the round.

14. Herman Terrado vs Jordan Delano
Rd 1: The Strikeforce veteran Herman Terrado winds up on the mat with Delano in about 10 seconds. He lands a barrage of punches and Delano taps to strikes. That's Terrado's second violent XFS finish in a row.

15. Will Richey vs David Smith
Rd 1: Richey goes for a double leg and slams Smith into the cage, moving it about 6 inches. After he gets the takedown, he gets Smith's back and unloads punches. Cecil People's puts a stop to the fight and Richey wins by tko.

16. Sean Najjer vs Deondre Gibbs
Rd 1: Najjer gets the takedown in a few seconds and is immediately in side control. He transitions to a North/ South choke and gets Gibbs to tap.

17. Dashon Johnson vs Randall Adams
Rd 1: Adams controls the 1st minute or so with a takedown, but Dashon is never in any real trouble. When Johnson regains control he unloads a schoolyard beating on Adams, who shows great toughness. When it goes to the ground, Johnson deals out more punishment and Adams taps to strikes in just under 2 minutes.

18. Adam Gottlieb vs Adrian Lozano
Rd 1: Gottlieb takes Lozano down, but Lozano is working a guillotine. Adam gets out after fighting off a few armbar attempts by Lozano.  His ground and pound leads to Lozano giving up his back. Gottlieb gets the rear naked choke and forces the tap from Lozano.

19. Beau King vs Tyrin Townsend
Rd 1: After avoiding a leg kick from Townsend, King lands a flurry against the cage and Cecil has to run in to save Townsend. Afterwards, Townsend gets on the mic after his MMA debut and says 'He (King) knocked the donkey shit out of me'. The crowd erupts in laughter and I am now a fan of a fighter named Tyrin Townsend.

20. Phelan Flemming vs Leonard Smith Jr. *Title bout*
Rd 1: Quick takedown by Leonard Smith Jr, who gets the mount. He throws a lot of punches that connect to Flemming's face. When Flemming turns to his side, Smith punishes his ribs and Flemming taps.

21. Bubba Pugh vs Ricky Pulu
Rd 1. Ricky starts the round firing off punches at Bubba. They clinch and Bubba lands in side control. He connects with brutal shots to the face and body. Bubba takes his foot off the gas because he can see Pulu is injured. Great show of class by Bubba and heart by Pulu.

22. Ray Elizalde vs Atiq Jihad
Rd 1: The crowd is going bananas before the fight begins. Huge support groups for both guys. The bell rings and the 2 go to war. It's a slugfest! Both guys are connecting. Ray takes the round after securing 2 takedowns and outgrappling Jihad. 10-9 Elizalde

Rd 2: Atiq is looking a little tired and Elizalde takes advantage by taking him down. Atiq is doing a good job of defending but isn't offering much off of his back. After bullying him on the ground Ray lets up for a second and Atiq gets up, but is immediately dragged back down. The last 10 seconds they are on their feet and swing for the fences. 10-9 Elizalde.

Rd 3: Atiq looks invigorated and is getting the better of the standup. However, he is having a hard time stopping Ray's takedowns and this is how Ray is wearing him down. Atiq gets back up, but is again taken right back down. Ray is content fighting on the mat. Atiq has heart and won't go away, but Ray is out grappling him all over the cage. Cecil stands them up and Atiq goes right after him throwing punches. Ray initiates the clinch again and the fight ends. Great fight! 10-9 Elizalde
30-27 for Elizalde. Judges agree.

Written by: Evan Shoman @shomanart
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