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XFS: Revancha Results March 16, 2013

XFS: Revancha March 16, 2013

Ray McCreary vs Ray Elizalde
Rd 1- Both guys come out banging in a back and forth affair. I gave Elizalde round 1 but he looked tired going into round 2. Towards the end of round 1 Mccreary looked to be gaining steam.
Rd 2- Both came out banging again. Elizalde got a takedown but McCreary wound up in full mount. McCreary locked in the armbar and forced Elizalde to tap 1:10 into round 2.

Raja Shippen vs Anthony Moore
Rd 1- Shippen gets an early takedown and flattens Moore out immediately. He slaps on the rear naked choke and finishes Moore in :30 secs

Ben Khoshaba vs Ramon Hernandez
Rd 1- Khoshaba gets a quick takedown. After a wild scramble Khoshaba gets Hernandez’s back and drops heavy elbows and punches. Referee Cecil Peoples stops the bout via tko at 1:57 of  rd1.

Derek Anderson vs Jeremy Sellers
Rd 1- Before the bell even rings Anderson looks ready to throw down! He comes out throwing everything he has at Sellers. Sellers clinches Anderson who reverses him on the cage. Again Anderson throws everything ay Sellers who just will not go away. Sellers eats head kicks and spinning back fists. Round 1 ends and both guys looks tired with Anderson easily taking the round.
Rd 2- Anderson again is very aggressive and landing flying knees and punches. He tosses sellers to the mat and ends up in full mount. He gets the armbar locked up and Sellers is forced to tap.

Dominique Chisem vs George Sanchez
Rd 1- Dominique comes out to Harlem Shake so immediately he is the favorite. Chisem came with something thunderous and then followed up with strikes to the already unconscious Sanchez.  I would say what exactly he hit Sanchez with, but myself and every other person around me looked away to see what some commotion in the crowd was at that exact moment.

Zac Savage vs Sultan Ahmed
Rd 1- Both guys come out exchanging brutal leg and body kicks.  Zac got Ahmed down then quickly got full mount. Zac went for the armbar but couldn't finish it. He then transitioned to a triangle. They flipped over and Zac finished the fight from the mounted triangle position with punches at 2:00 in rd 1.

Dondre Gibbs vs Sam Toomer
Rd 1- Toomer gets the takedown immediately and rains down punches and elbows on Gibbs. As Cecil peoples stops the fight Gibbs’ corner simultaneously throws in the towel.

Cole Thomas vs Ray Sloan
Rd 1- Sloan comes out the favorite with the fans but it doesn't seem to bother Thomas who is bouncing around making faces and taunting Sloan. Sloan gets him down and works a rear naked choke but can't finish Thomas. He transitions to a heel hook but can't pull it off as the bell ends round 1.
Rd 2- Thomas lands a huge punch and knocks Sloan’s mouth guard out. Sloan gets the fight to the mat then guillotines Thomas.

Mikey Gomez vs Ed Darby
Rd 1- Gomez comes out like a house on fire. He gets the takedown and immediately mounts Darby. In less than a minute Gomez armbars Darby who taps out.

Chris Brown vs Josh Gibson
Rd 1- Josh Gibson runs out of his corner throwing haymakers but gets taken down. Brown takes Gibson’s back and is about to sink in the rear naked choke but decides he doesn't want it.  Instead he chooses to pound away and Gibson taps to strikes.

Herman Terrado vs Joey Apodaca
Rd1- Herman Terrado connected with a flurry and ended the fight in 3 seconds against Apodaca.

Dashon Johnson vs Kenny Johnson
Rd1- Dashon throws a hard straight right then gets the takedown on Kenny. Hard to tell from where I was sitting but he either finished the fight with a reverse choke or North/South choke. Either way, Kenny Johnson tapped from a choke 1:31 in rd 1

Pete Munoz vs Armando Contreras
Rd 1- They stood for a short time with Munoz throwing haymakers and Contreras using technical strikes.  Munoz got taken down and outclassed on the ground. He received a warning for grabbing the fence and then did it again, forcing Cecil Peoples to deduct 1 point from Munoz. Munoz got battered with punches but hung on until the end of the round.
Rd 2- Contreras got another takedown and worked for a Kimura which forced the tap from Munoz.

Eugene Lawson vs Wade Shipp
Rd 1- The UFC veteran Wade Shipp came out and blasted Lawson with a leg kick louder than a Rampage slam. They clinched and Shipp took Lawson down directly into full mount. Before Shipp got to throw a punch, Lawson tapped.

Will Richey  vs Ken Moore
Rd 1- Will Richey hit a straight kick to the gut of Ken Moore. He followed up with multiple knees to the head ended the fight with punches In 15 seconds. It wasn’t all bad for Ken Moore. He got down on 1 knee and proposed to his girl and she said ‘yes’!

Rob Morrison vs Coby Hollier
Rd 1- Very close 1st round between these two 125’ers.  I gave it to Morrison because after an even standup exchange he got the takedown which Coby reversed, but landed right in a triangle that he survived.
Rd 2 More ground scrambles with Morrison again getting mount. Rd 2 was easier to pick a winner as Morrison had good position most of the time and dropped nasty elbows and punches.
Rd 3- Morrison just had too strong of wrestling for Coby and controlled Coby throughout the 3rd.  This was a very good fight which saw Rob Morrison win the unanimous decision.

Bobby Brown vs Matt Frembling (Title Bout)
Rd 1- Matt Frembling ko'd Brown in 14 seconds after connecting right on the chin with a flurry of punches. Brown was out for a few minutes and was stretchered out for precautionary measures.

Matt Lagler vs Casey Ryan
Rd 1- Casey Ryan seemed to be initiating the clinch and was working some good Muay Thai from there.  Ryan was punishing the head and body of Lagler with knees.  Lagler got the takedown but Ryan got back up and they clinched up again.  Lagler takes a knee to the jewels and needed almost the whole 5 minutes to recover. It was accidental but Cecil Peoples took a point away from Ryan.  The action starts again and it's a firefight. Lagler gets the takedown and works from the top. Ryan reverses and finishes the round on top dropping bombs. The crowd was going nuts!
Rd 2- Ryan is now in total control and putting a beating on Lagler against the fence.  Ryan drags Lagler down, takes his back, and flattens him out. Ryan goes for the choke then switches back to punches. Lagler is flat on his stomach taking punches not defending himself so Cecil Peoples has to stop the fight.  Lagler immediately protested the stoppage.

Written by: Evan Shoman
Twitter: @shomanart @xfsverified @greggxfs

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